What do I have to do?

Wassen, strijken & licht verstelwerk

Washing, ironing & mending clothes

Schoonmaak en poetswerk


bereiden van maaltijden

Cooking meals

boodschappen doen

Running errands

Register with Sodexo

You register with Sodexo and receive a user number.  Link2Europe can help you with this if desired.
Once you have obtained a user number, you simply have to ensure that you order your cheques on time so that your cleaning lady can be paid on time.

A summary of what you must do

  • You register with Sodexo for free via the Internet or via the registration form on www.dienstencheques.be.
  • You choose between paper or electronic service cheques
  • Sodexo sends you (per e-mail or regular mail):
    • the user number: you need this to order cheques
    • an access code to the secure website: electronic service cheque users need this to confirm the number of hours worked by your cleaning lady. You can also consult your wallet, request a summary of hours worked, etc.

You don’t have a cleaning lady?

Contact Link2Europe. We note down your details and as soon as we have found a suitable candidate we contact you and make an appointment.

You already found a cleaning lady?

Then you can order some cheques.

You order your cheques from Sodexo by transferring the exact amount (number of cheques x €9).

  • If you want paper cheques they will be sent by regular mail. Please take into account that they will arrive about one week after you have paid for them.
  • If you want electronic cheques they will be available in your electronic wallet, which you can consult over the Internet by entering your access code.
    After making a payment, it takes about three days before the cheques are available in your wallet.

The contract

You sign a contract with Link2Europe that stipulates the terms and conditions of employment. This contract is terminable providing that you respect the period of notice. The terms and condition covered in the contract include the working hours, agreements related to absence, payments, etc.

At the start

The first day we come to your house, together with the cleaning lady, to help her get started.
We discuss exactly what you expect of her, show the rooms that must be cleaned, and work out all the practical arrangements.
If you want different areas cleaned every week then we will discuss this at the initial meeting.

You pay your cleaning lady one cheque per hour worked.
Make sure that you transfer money to Sodexo on time so that you always have enough cheques on hand.

We follow up

Link2Europe will request regular feedback about your cleaning lady’s performance.

If you want certain jobs tackled differently then we will help you communicate this clearly to your cleaning lady.
We will answer your questions as quickly as possible. We promise good teamwork and fast service.
We look after your cleaning lady!

How can we help you?